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Who we are

We bought an adventure van and formed a company called CLNC Sports (pronounced "clinic") that focuses on bringing world class coaches to budding lacrosse communities across the country. Coaches camp in the van, coach small-group clinics and have a great time living life on the road while helping develop the sport in a way we're proud of.

How it works

CLNC Athletes

Matt Kavanagh

"The game of lacrosse has taken me places I could not have imagined I would ever go. I want to continue spreading my love for the game in as many places that I can. CLNC will give me this opportunity to both travel the country, and spread the game of lacrosse to new and blossoming lacrosse communities."

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Brent Adams

"I have a deep passion and love for the sport of Lacrosse and I’m determined to share that with young players and enthusiasts around the world. Marrying the travel/adventure lifestyle with growing this amazing sport makes me incredibly excited and eager to work with anyone and everyone in this community."

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Nick Ossello

"The sport of lacrosse has provided incredible opportunities for me over the years. CLNC was founded because each coach and business partner feel that same way, and want to provide those same experiences to the next generation of athletes."

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